Ultrasonic Paper Cup Horn


15/20/35kHz Paper Cup Welding Horn

Product Specification

Product model: Paper Cup Welding Horn / Mold

Frequency: 15/20/35kHz


Ultrasonic welding head (horn) is the general name for all ultrasonic transmitting ends and is an indispensable part of ultrasonic welding equipment.

Its function is to couple the ultrasonic waves generated by the transducer into the object being processed. Because it needs to transmit ultrasonic waves, the welding head must work in a resonant state, that is, its natural resonant frequency must match the transducer. Secondly, The amplitude should be uniform, and the end face shape of the welding head should adapt to the shape of the workpiece to be welded.


  •  A variety of welding heads, which can be designed and customized according to product appearance and requirements.
  •  Frequencies are 15kHz, 20kHz, 35kHz, etc. to choose from
  •  Combined welding heads can be produced according to the special requirements of special product design


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