Ultrasonic Terminal Welding Machine


Product Specifications:

  • Frequency: 20kHz
  • Power: 2000/3000/4000/5000W

Introduction: This product ensures excellent post-weld conductivity with a resistance coefficient close to zero, making it a preferred choice for wire harness and terminal piece welding applications.


  • Spark-free welding for enhanced environmental safety.
  • Welding materials retain their solid state, eliminating fragile metal properties.
  • Exceptional post-weld conductivity with a very low or near-zero resistance factor.
  • Short welding time without the need for flux, gas, or solder, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

Product Features:

  1. Operating mode: Time mode
  2. Spark-free welding ensures environmental protection and safety
  3. Welding material retains its solid state, devoid of fragile metal properties
  4. Excellent post-weld conductivity with an extremely low or nearly zero resistance factor
  5. Short welding time, without the need for flux, gas, or solder
  6. Low requirements on the surface of the weld metal, allowing for oxidation or plating to be welded
  7. Commonly used in wire harnesses and terminal pieces welding applications

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: LK-M2030-T
  • Frequency: 20kHz
  • Power: 2000/3000/4000/5000W
  • Input Voltage: AC220V
  • Air Source Requirements: Minimum 0.6MPa
  • Cylinder Diameter: Bore 100, Range 50, Adjustable 30
  • Welding Range:
    • Copper wire: 4mp² to 35m²
    • Aluminum wire: 10m² to 50m²
  • Size (mm): Rack Size – 578 x 260 x 650 mm
  • Rack Weight: 89kg
  • Mode: Time mode


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